Bacco Bucci Boots: An Awesome Everyday Wear

Boots are usually worn during cool seasons but they can also be worn pretty much anytime, especially if you have Bacco Bucci boots. These pairs look like your regular leather boots but appearance does not say it all. This Italian handmade footwear is made of the finest leather and has a finished look, which you can wear in a formal event or in a casual meet up with your friends. You can choose from ankle or tall boots, as well as slip-ons or lace ups. These fine footwear are cleverly handcrafted in Italy and will make all your friends re-think of your fashion sense.

Bacco Bucci Boots in Any Leather
These Italian boots can be made with Vintage Italian Butter-Soft calfskin, Old English oiled suede, and soft Italian calfskin. Because the shoemakers accept custom-made shoes, you can also ask if you can use leather from alligator skin and other top quality materials, although this will definitely cost you a large sum of cash. The lace can also be made of soft leather so the shoes are authentic leather all over. Some collections can have antiqued or worn out design, for example, the shoes can have a hand-rubbed patina finish. This will make your shoes look as if they have been used for years.

Tough and Tall
Like what I have said earlier, the footwear can be tall or short (ankle boots). One of the most popular tall pairs is the slip-on Hamilton Boot, which is made of soft Italian calfskin and rubber outsole. It is a tough item and you can practically wear it with anything, anytime, anywhere. It is also very easy to put on; it has a side zipper that allows you to put your foot in with ease and a buckled strap for added support. The shaft is about 8 inches from the arch and, as the owners claim, this shoe is true to its size.

Slip-on, Lace up
Some slip-on boots have elastic ankle gore on both sides for protection and ease of putting on. The insoles are usually made of molded rubber and are carved to create a silhouette mimicking the upper sole. The insole will never hurt your feet because they are made with a smart Exact-Fit Insole System, an innovation that will provide comfortable and well-cushioned sole support. Most customers who are fond of this Italian boots claim that the sizes are as they are packaged while some thought wearing the shoes the first time was a bit tight but the shoes loosen up after wearing them a couple of times.

Bacco Bucci Boots from Italy
There are also other low ones made of suede and these designs take on a more contemporary look and you can wear it as an everyday casual footwear. The soles are made even more comfortable by adding memory foam, which will not turn into a powdery material after some time. These pairs cost around $200, especially the collection that has been made by hand in Italy but you can also check out for some discounts. Bacco Bucci boots are probably the most authentic leather footwear you can find and not think twice about paying hundreds of dollars.